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Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai - Episode 1


Mochizuki Tomoya, an otaku aficionado of eroges, is hired by the struggling eroge development company Flower, whose next production must turn a profit or else go bankrupt. He finds out that the employees of the company, Himeno Kisara, the chief artist, Fujiwara Momoka, the scenario writer, Kousaka Iori, the graphic designer, and Sunono Nene, the company president, are all virgins and have hardly any experience with eroges at all. The company office doesn't have functional air conditioning so during the summer everyone works wearing minimal clothing.

One day, after everyone else has left the office, Tomoya looks over Kisara's artwork and finds that it is substandard and unrealistic, and so to improve its quality, he starts off performing actual sexual acts with her, so that she has reference for her artwork. Over the next several days, the two of them perform more and more sexual acts together, ostensibly as reference, from paizuri to blowjobs to footjobs and ultimately actual intercourse in various. The quality of her artwork improves substantially as a result.

After so many sexual episodes Tomoya is beginning to have feelings for Kisara, but she shoots him down before he can confess, stubbornly maintaining that everything they've done was merely for professional purposes.


  • Himeno Kisara: Love Has Begun Chapter
  • 姫乃きさら 恋, 始めました 編
  • Himeno Kisara Koi, Hajimemashita Hen

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