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Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai - Episode 4


In this episode, Tomoya winds up having sexual relationships both with Kisara and Momoka, and he constantly has "sexual study sessions" with them. These usually happen after work, but one day, after Nene goes out of the office for field work, Kisara takes him aside to the meeting room, for a "study session".

While they are in the middle of this, Momoka walks in on them, and they demand Tomoya decide between them. As Tomoya is unable to choose, they challenge each other to see who can make Tomoya cum first. While they are doing this, Iori peeks in on them, masturbating as she watches as the two have sex with Tomoya.

In the end after eventually orgasming both of them and orgasming twice from them himself Tomoya is still unable to decide between the two of them, and eventually they decide postpone his choosing between them to after the final release of the game.


  • The Battle of Conquest for the Adored Cum! Gotta Catch Some White and Sticky Milk!! Chapter
  • 恋するスペルマ争奪戦!? 白濁ミルクをゲットだぜ!! 編
  • Koi Suru Sperma Soudatsusen!? Hakudaku Milk o Get Daze!! Hen

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