Episodes 2

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  • sera-fexten csigil
    sera-fexten csigil
    Indeed, it's weird that ntr is at the top of Japanese hanime preferences yet not one Japanese person male or female says they enjoy ntr... So what gives?!
  • kg3vjuaq
    You and me brother, and it can't be helped that ntr is one of the most liked by Japanese 🗿
  • sera-fexten csigil
    sera-fexten csigil
    why oh why do they keep the ntr & backstab-ey style of story at the top of the pile of doujin/hmanga that needs to get animated?! I've yet to meet another hanime afficionado that is really into such stuff. Intense is one thing but what i'm talking about is 3or4 times the magnitude of beyond the level most hanime viewers are into