Uchuu Kaizoku Sara


* Based on the game by Lilith.

In a distant galaxy, it's said that the one who holds the Sword of Bernstein is the destined for the Imperial Throne. And for that reason, the mysterious Gielen Twins lay waste to the Galactic Empire holding the Sword, finally obtaining it. The oldest princess of said Empire,Sara Bernstein, however, witnesses everything and swears not only to avenge her nation but also to recover the Sword. She is rescued from the destruction of her homeworld by an imperial knight, Hans Buro.

A decade later, Sara and Hans have formed a space privateer crew, Scorpion Heidan. As it's captain, Sara has taken the alias of "Sara Scorpion" and has established herself as a renown swordswoman. In exchange for information about the Sword of Bernstein, Sara delivers knight Sylia in chains to the Duke of Blankenheim. She is told about the location of the Sword, but the Duke attempts to persuade Sara to abandon her raison d'être and live in luxury as his mistress. The strong-willed captain rejects the offer and proceeds to antagonize the Duke in her way out.

Weeks later, while following the Duke's information, Sara's band walks into a trap laid by the Gielen Twins. Finding herself in captivity next to Sylia, the Twins reveal their plans for Sara, for they have discovered that the Sword of Bernstein can only be wielded by someone of the blood of Bernstein. The Twins also disclose that the vindictive Duke of Blankenheim is working with them and is eager to torment both her and Sylia.

Episodes 5

Genre 42

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