Papa Katsu!


The beautiful and cheeky girl Tsumugi is not on good terms with her stepdad Ryou.
She has been disobeying him at every opportunity as if she is obliged to.

She may have the body of an adult, but she is sloppy in private and acts defenseless in front of her parent.
This didn't change even after her mother's remarriage.
She roams around the house wearing only her underwear.
Tsumugi's mother warns her about this, but she talks back at her instead.
This sight has already become a routine for them.

He tried to demonstrate his dignity as a father to his adolescent daughter many times but to no avail.
It only ended up like she's venting out her anger on him.

While sipping on his coffee at a cafe he visits at work, he finds comfort from the smiles of a young and pretty female employee there.
He does this every day as he wonders how to discipline his own daughter.

In one of these restless days, her relationship with her stepdad Ryou will drastically change while her mother Mami stays over for work...

Episodes 4

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