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Netokano - Episode 1

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  • shenkzis
    Dude what actual fuck is this and besides he could have call the police and showed that video
  • skywalker69
    Bro, this is hentai, not a normal slice of life anime. You came here just for fap. So, enjoy the sex
  • dgmf6pqr
    when open i just like okay it fine girl in love with megane..but suddenly appear that fucking ugly guy...just like what??!!..i hate this story right now..luckily it has 1 episode only...that megane more kawaii then that bullshit ugly guy...never watch this again
  • wpf3vfh0
    Could literally report then and have the police check the man's phone but noooo wanna become his toy instead. Or when he puts it in yo mouth bit the thing off his going to b in to much pain to chase u
  • Alemnz
    I used to say this but im gonna say this again
    "If there's an hentai with good art and animation the plot can't never be as light as vanilla always full with poison "
  • MaraDollex
    I can't even watch this, like what the fuck?
    NTR, then ugly bastard. It's ruining my mental health
  • iclnnznn
    I just opened an account to write this. WHY THE FUCK THOSE CUCKED MF NEVER REPORT THIS SHIT? THAT'S UNDERSTANDABLE CRIMINALIZING EVIDENCE OF RAPE AND AND SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH A MINOR. I wanna see one of those cucked mf to report this to the police and do their citizen duty. That man would be locked up for years maybe even for life.