Sakusei Byoutou The Animation


A mysterious rare disease where pain runs through my testicles if I don't cum every 3 hours.
As if suffering from this wasn't enough, I fell down some stairs and fractured both arms from the impact.

Having become unable to masturbate, I ended up asking the nurses to milk my semen--that is, help with my ejaculations--for the duration of my hospitalization.
Having a gentle and caring nurse do this for me...
Could it be they won't just do it with their hands, but even do "this" or "that"...!? It'd be embarrassing, but, but...!

I was an idiot to imagine all that.
Because the hospital I'd entered was famous in this area for having "only nurses with the worst personalities".
Their semen extraction--the ways they milked me--surpassed my imagination...

Episodes 3

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