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Koiito Kinenbi The Animation - Episode 2


Story 1: What will you do when you find Santa’s proxy who’s young and sexy under your Christmas tree?

Story 2: Yuuichi and Kanako are delaying the inevitable event of marriage. Anna, Kanako’s sister, feels the need to help them out the only way she can… by offering herself to Yuuichi!


  • Suddenly Under the Holy Night / To Bind, To Open: Little Devil Anna / Holy Night, Happy Bell
  • 急転直下のホーリーナイト☆ / むすんで♥ひらいて 小悪魔☆安奈 / ホーリーナイト・ハッピーベル
  • Kyuutenchokka no Holy Night / Musunde Hiraite: Koakuma Anna / Holy Night, Happy Bell

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