Doukyo Suru Neneki

Episodes 2

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  • forsakenmaiden
    To be honest, I’m more hyped for episode two because of the plot instead of the sex. The last scene from ep one got me chills down my spine…
  • sera-fexten csigil
    sera-fexten csigil
    This actually pulled off doing something N E W!!! I'm at a loss I was gettin the ole same old-same old & the chance of not just liking what hentai has come out since about 2016-ish but watching a series(2+eps) or one-offs(single ep) from then forward tanked completely just rehash (not in a good kinda way either) so this gets about a 6.5-7.0 range & thats huge since i was thinkin the slew of 3-to 3.5maybe 4.0tops lately i hope we get 4eps of this adaptation soooo coool!!!