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Doukyo Suru Neneki - Episode 1


  • The Extraordinary Within the Ordinary
  • 日常の中の非日常
  • Nichijou no Naka no Hinichijou

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  • forsakenmaiden
    I am very confused on how to feel about this… it started good but then… I mean the sex was good but the plot really got me. I love that gel girl, she’s cute and he is also very likeable but I don’t know how to feel about the gel killing the girl… and then kind of taking over her body.

    My guess so far can only be that the gel is some kind of vengeful soul that somehow died (maybe the person we saw in the end that said „nice to meet you“) and is now seeking love that it didn’t receive when it was still „alive“. Or it could be that the person is still alive but in comatose? Well, guess I’ll have to wait for episode two. Maybe he fucks the… corpse? Gel? What now, I’m confused 😭